Abused. Hidden. Renewed.

After many years of struggling with depression and despair, I finally found a counselor who helped me find the answers. Answers that involved why I had no memories of my life until I turned 8 years of age, childhood sexual trauma, and disassociation. This blog is going to chronicle the journey that has led me to this place.

For years I never wanted ANYONE to know the deep pain that was going on inside of me. On the outside I was just a regular person who happened to be a wife, mother, and friend, but inside of me was a little girl who was locked away in a secret place, afraid because of the vile acts that had been committed against her. Unknown to me I had splintered into various parts. Each part held a piece of the puzzle that I so desperately wanted to put together. I felt so alone and weird. But I found hope and renewal.

This blog is going to be an attempt to share my journey with others who may be feeling the same way. Every story is different but there are many feelings and situations that are common with those who have experienced childhood sexual trauma or disassociation. This is my story to help anyone who may be struggling, and may feel alone or weird. I want you to know that healing is just around the corner…..

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