Dumb, Really?

Having Dumb as a part of my life was very tiresome! As he began fighting for his place in my life I knew I had to fight to rid him out of my life instead. The conflict came to head one day during counseling. I had to admit that no one is perfect and, yes, people say and do things that are mess-ups because only God is perfect. I had been writing Colossians 2:10 in my journal every day: “And in Him you are made complete” (NAS). Every day I had to say and try to believe that I could be made complete in Christ.

Then came the crucial moment. It was time for me to say, “I am not dumb.” All I had to say was, “I am not dumb.” Just those four simple words. Just say them out loud. I could not do it.

I cried and wept and hugged myself. It was horrible. Dumb was not going to leave that easily. Hadn’t he been my guide and companion for decades? Wasn’t the shame of my molestation the most glaring evidence of his role in my life? So I had to make the choice: was God’s Word real and true, or not?

Did I believe the Truth of Colossians 2:10? Yes. I did – I do – believe God’s Word. I believed, and I knew that I could be free from Dumb if I would only say those words. I relaxed the tight hug on myself (and it was a very tight hug) and said those precious words, “I AM NOT DUMB.” Oh my, what freedom came flooding into my life as a result of letting go of Dumb. There was an instant change in my life. I can honestly say that Dumb left my life that day. Though there were times when he tried to attack me again, I did not let him back in.

Dear friend, believe God’s Word is true and know that God has good plans for your life. He loves you and wants the best for you. Get rid of that Someone in your life and choose to live a free life in Christ.

Blessings – Lisa


3 thoughts on “Dumb, Really?

  1. Yes!!!!! We have to make a choice, believe God and His perfect Word or believe the lies of the enemy. So thankful to call you Mom! Love you! HS x all the šŸŒˆ

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  2. Being human means that we are not perfect. We will mess up, but that doesn’t mean that we are dumb; it simply means we are human. We don’t have to be perfect. All we have to do is allow God to make us complete. And His perfect plan for us does not include Dumb.


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